Drilling, Killing, Love, Drugs and Mud, Dennis McKay

Drilling, Killing, Love, Drugs and Mud, Dennis McKay


Jamie Chivers’ life turns around when a man with prospects comes into his local pub by mistake. He ends up on an oil rig in the North Sea – and a desperate industry gets a desperate man. Unfortunately, on Jamie’s first shift, someone bludgeons the psychopathic Toolpusher to death and tosses him into a mud pit. All hell breaks loose. There’s a big party. There’s a seafood buffet. Pavlova. Dominoes. Jamie falls in love and has his heart broken by a Roustabout. The cops arrive.

What happens to the body isn’t fit to be displayed on a computer screen.

There’s Walter the world-weary OIM. There’s Dave the Night Toolpusher with his huge ambition and his small brain. There’s Jamie’s lazy and useless boss on dayshift. There’s a cement helper who doesn’t help, a Detective who can’t detect and somewhere in the middle of it all, a murderer. What’s more, there’s a heartbreakingly gorgeous woman who plays Jamie like a banjo.

As others crack up, Jamie finds himself gaining in strength. Will he solve the murder? Will the rig strike oil? Will true love prevail?

Drilling, Killing, Love, Drugs & Mud – what it takes to extract the black gold that powers the planet.