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Mine to Remember Robert Kidd

Mine to Remember <br/> Robert Kidd


MINE TO REMEMBER is a story of deep love and great tragedy set in the short life of Rhodesia, from 1890 to 1980.  The changing history of the country unfolds through the lives of the different families who worked to develop and build the coal mining industry. 

 The story of Personnel Manager Patrick O’Connor and his African assistant Kumbula Zulu begins when they arrive in the coal mining town of  Wankie. What follows is a story of love and loss that will tug at your heartstrings.

 As the decades pass their families grow, working practices change and friendships develop to show a real insight into the lives of the community. When a terrible catastrophe strikes the bonds of friendship and strength of the people are revealed. 

 This touching story shows a vigorous country through the eyes of its native Ndebele people and those who knew and loved Rhodesia.

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