The Janus Complex, Graeme Gibson

The Janus Complex, Graeme Gibson


“This is a very long but thoroughly enjoyable read. Gibson pushes the hero Jamie to the very edges of plausibility but not quite beyond, he is almost too good to be true but definitely good enough to eat. All the characters are well thought out and written, with a plot which draws you in and refuses to let go until you reach the end.
All in all I would recommend this book to anyone looking for anything from James Bond to Romeo & Juliet!
The ending suggests a sequel to come – it’ll definitely be on my to read list.”

A nostalgic look at 1960s Britain and the City of Glasgow in particular. Take one man, Jamie Raeburn, and add two women, Kate Maxwell and Lucie Kent. Mix in a helping of American Intelligence Officer, a dash of nascent I.R.A. volunteers and a large portion of British gangsters and you have all the ingredients for a great Romantic Thriller. Jamie Raeburn is a hero in the Jason Bourne mould but, unlike Jason Bourne, he knows exactly who he is. Trouble follows him and we see Glasgow as it was in the late 1960s “In this city even the good guys have a little bad in them” Jamie says, but is he one of those good guys…or is he something else entirely?
This book contains explicit adult themes. 18+

5 Star Review. “Wow…..What an astounding read!!! This has got to be one if the best books I have ever read…thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an ever evolving plot and being kept on the edge of their seat. It has just the right mix of love and romance with real nitty gritty underworld crime! Can’t wait for your next book.”