United Earth, David Magowan

United Earth, David Magowan


It’s the end of the world… Almost!

Just five people remain on the planet… What’s more, they are all in different countries, on different corners of the globe and as far as each of them are aware, they are the last person alive. All they have for company is a voice inside their heads from the one who caused it all – and that voice claims to be from god.

Each of them must battle the fear, loneliness and desperation to nurture hope in the face of such overwhelming tragedy to unravel the mystery of what happened and why… But the only thing that is clear to them is that they are up against an unimaginably powerful evil and that trying to resist it would be as futile as it would be insane.

Can they somehow rally together and launch some kind of defence of the world or will they succumb to the temptation of joining the other seven billion?

United Earth is an altogether different kind of science fiction story with an essentially human core. It’s a tale of facing the ultimate fears, of love, of hope, of courage and possibly the most incredible against the odds fightback ever.