How would it feel to publish your book? You can do it with our step by step training.

We understand that writing is your passion. We also know that self-publishing is the way to get your book out to your readers. Sinclair has self published 7 books, and is an Amazon best selling author selling over 120,000 copies.

Sinclair has all the technical skills to do everything himself, except physically print the books. Kim is a coach, NLP practitioner and positive psychology advocate. She published her first self-help book in November 2013 and knows how important your thoughts and beliefs are when it comes to achieving your goals. Together we have been teaching authors how to self publish and sell their books and we know you can do it too.

Whether you are writing fiction or non fiction our Bookcamp training programme will lead you through all the stages you need to produce, market and sell your book.

  • Would you love to have your book on Kindle and available in print?
  • Do you believe that writing a book will create opportunities for your business?
  • Are you unsure where to start with self-publishing and are worried about handling the IT techie stuff?
  • Do you want to be supported by people who understand the issues associated with self-publishing and genuinely want to help?
  • Do you have a limited budget to spend and want to make the most from it?

Then we have just the programme for you.

Learn to self-publish with Bookcamp

Bookcamp Cover

Bookcamp features six training modules featuring training sessions, Q&A, workbooks, video and audio sessions, and a Facebook page to exchange information and questions with fellow authors.

Great value at only £347.

The Bookcamp training programme is exactly what you need to create professional books. With six core modules packed full of great content, we support and help you to prepare, distribute, market and sell your books. The training is totally flexible to fit your lifestyle.

This precisely focused bookcamp includes:-

  • Six recorded Bookcamp training calls with Sinclair and Kim to guide you through the steps of self-publishing.
  • LIVE Bookcamp Q&A calls with Sinclair and Kim to answer frequently asked questions and keep you on track.
  • Written workbooks, notes, audio and video sessions to work on that will develop your skills so you can create an ebook, design a cover, understand how print on demand works, plan your book launch and create a marketing plan for your book.
  • Access to an online secure forum to interact with other writers, ask questions, test out your ideas and develop opportunities to build a network of authors who have self published.
  • You also get access to our excellent monthly live group coaching calls and our mind boosting tips for increased confidence, motivation and self belief.

Just imagine what it would be like to hold your book in your hand and have it on sale.

  • You can have your book available to readers all over the world.
  • You can have printed copies without spending a fortune.
  • You can generate an income from your book.
  • You can get invited to speak as the expert author.


Manuscript to eBook

Identify the steps you need to take your finished manuscript through to publishing it as an eBook.

Pricing and Royalties

Understand pricing strategies to help sell your book, and how royalties are calculated.

Formatting and editing

Understand the importance of a well-edited book and how styles are the key to a professionally formatted book.

ISBN and legalities

Learn how ISBNs are allocated and the legal obligations you have as your own publisher.

Creating your cover

A book is judged by its cover. Learn how to identify the key factors that combine to make a great cover.

Marketing and sales

Once your book is produced , you need to reach your market. Learn some of the most valuable methods to do just that.

Print on demand

Learn how you can produce your own physical book – including the secrets of typesetting – while keeping the costs down.

Keeping a positive mindset

When you are an author who self publishes you can feel isolated and it can be difficult to stay positive. Our Mindset module helps you.

We reckon that you probably have some questions.

Can you really teach me how to self-publish?

Yes, we have been delivering these courses for some time and have received great feedback from the authors we support. We know what it takes to self publish as we have published 8 books ourselves and supported many others to publish. We started three and a half years ago with no knowledge of publishing or selling books, we made some mistakes along the way and have learned from them. This is why we are totally confident that we can teach you and help you avoid the mistakes we made.

We make it easy for you to learn what you need in simple chunks and we stay connected with you throughout your training and beyond.

Will I get rich from selling my book?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. Our training is designed to ensure that you can produce a professional book and market that book to your readers, and then repeat this as often as you want. We can’t give you any guarantees on how many books you will sell or how much money you will make. Profitability is important when making decisions about your book and we help you to understand the market for your book.  We do guarantee that we will give you our full support to help you succeed.

How flexible is the Bookcamp?

VERY – you can learn at a time and pace to suit you. The core modules are released on a weekly schedule to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. You can watch the videos, listen to the audio, read the notes and answer the coaching questions at a time to suit you. You get lifetime access to the modules, which means you can go back and brush up your skills at any time.

I am still writing my book. Is Bookcamp suitable for me?

Yes, you can learn some shortcuts that you can apply while you are still writing that will help speed up the publishing process. In fact we include some book templates to make it easier for you. You will also know what you need to do to self publish and can be building some of your marketing ideas and plans on the way to publication. One of our authors had a waiting list of people wanting to buy her book so just imagine already having an audience waiting for your book! It’s never too early to think about publishing and selling your book.

What if I want an easier option to produce my book? Could I just pay to have this done for me instead?

There are many options available to you when you choose to self publish your book. The range of packages on offer from self-publishing companies vary dramatically and we know of many authors who have paid thousands of pounds to self publish their book. Self-publishing is an investment – you need to choose what is right for you – what is the balance of time/money/skills that you have available and what is the return will you get on that investment.

If you want a faster route to a professional book then we also offer excellent value self-publishing services so choose the option that works best for you. Check out our Publishing Services page for more info. Give us a call and Kim will help you work out what’s best for you.

How does the Coaching work?

The Bookcamp modules have coaching elements within them – with questions designed to really get you thinking about your book in a new way. Your answers come to us and we give you feedback based on those answers that will keep you on track.

You get membership of an exclusive Facebook forum for Bookcampers where you can ask questions and build connections with other writers.

And to really top it off – you also get access directly to us through our fantastic group coaching calls each month, which will keep you focused and fired up about your books.

What Bookcamp graduates think

A small section of the comments we have received from graduates of the Bookcamp course.

Jackie Elliot

BookCamp gave me the knowledge I needed to become published, they also provide a forum for me to gain self confidence as a writer.

Sheila King

Bookcamp by Indie Authors Scotland is to be highly recommended to anyone planning to write a book and self publish.

Dennis McKay

The structure of the modules allows the author to work towards their own unique goal in their own way with constant encouragement and support.

Morticia Crone

Indie Authors World’s  aid and support has been invaluable to me and the process going from an unpublished to a published author. Thank you.

June Moore

You make clients friends in a lovely way, offering the best advice, business-wise, and supporting so many with personal dreams.

How much does Bookcamp cost?

Our programme provides you with the skills, knowledge and expertise to take control of this process and publish as many books as you can write.

With all the great content, videos, notes, workbooks, coaching and an exclusive Bookcamp group this is easily worth in excess of £1000.

We know that many writers have a limited budget, we know because we started out like you too. We also have a real passion to make this Bookcamp programme accessible to as many people as possible. We set ourselves a target to help 100 authors self publish this year and we want you to be one of them.

JOIN NOW and you get all of the training, workbooks, videos, coaching and group support for ONLY £347.  You have unlimited lifetime access to the training. This is AMAZING value and we know you will LOVE it.

When can I start?

The doors are always open for Bookcamp – you can JOIN NOW and get started on your book publishing dream.

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