Case Studies

Some of the authors who've already published
with the help of Indie Authors World.

Aladin Ali

I was born in Dundee, the second eldest of four children. My parents moved to Scotland from Bangladesh, but we have retained strong connections with the country. My older sister still lives there with her family.

As I grew up, my family was involved in the restaurant business, with my mother working in the kitchen. We moved to Glasgow when I was eight years old and I was brought up, along with my younger brother and sister, in the east end of the city.

My family was always very traditional in outlook, although I enjoyed the Western way of life too. When I was 15, my father tried to arrange a marriage partner for me but I resisted that. Sadly, my father, who was a highly respected man, died when I was 20 and it felt like the foundation of my family had disappeared. I had to protect and support everyone.

A year later my family, as is tradition in the absence of the father, arranged a marriage for me. Although I was not keen – I had only known my husband for three hours before our wedding – I went along with the marriage, because I accepted it was our culture.

At that time, I was studying science at Glasgow University, but I had to leave and find work to help support us. I worked as an auxiliary nurse, then as a home help, before becoming an Occupational Therapy assistant.

My son was born when I was 29 years old. He was, and remains, the light of my life; my proudest achievement. When I first held him in my arms, I felt a loving energy flowing from him to me. From then on, my outlook on everything changed.

Craig Simpson

Born and raised in Lanarkshire, Scotland, I ran a successful business in the construction industry for thirty years before moving to Harrogate in North Yorkshire to become an hotelier with my wife Marion. A passion for reading crime thrillers led me to write the first book of the ‘Jigsaw’ series featuring private investigator Steve Donaldson set in New York in the late 1950s.

As I suffer from epilepsy due to an accident suffered when I was one year old, using modern technology is a huge challenge, but with the help and support of Indie Authors Scotland I have been able to publish the first of the ‘Jigsaw’ series.

As I am now retired, I have more time to pursue my passion for writing as well as visiting all my family in Scotland.

David Magowan

I live in Glasgow, I am an actor (although I wish it paid the bills more!) as well as a writer and I currently work in construction. I’d love to reach out and entertain as many people as possible, building a large readership for my books. I’d also love to make my own feature film one day as cinema is my other big passion as well as books.

Dennis McKay

Having spent several years in the madhouse that is the Film & Television world, author B.D. McKay sought solace and sanity in the Offshore Oil Industry. He looked in the wrong place. Many wells and workovers later, he realised that this weird and wacky world needed its own novel. Drilling, Love, Drugs & Mud is the product.

Having had work commissioned by the BBC, Granada and Channel 4, his short film “Marooned” starred Robert Carlyle. It was shown at Art-House cinemas across the UK, was screened on national TV, won a prize at the Chicago Film Festival and was BAFTA-nominated for Best Short Film.

Drilling, Killing, Love, Drugs & Mud was inspired by the wonderful oilfield characters who demonstrate incredible grace under extreme pressures. The book is dedicated to these remarkable men and women. Living quietly in a village in Ayrshire, B.D. McKay will be returning to the madhouse soon.

Graeme Gibson

I’m 66, almost 67, but I’m a bit of a Peter Pan (in my head at least). I’m married, 44 years and don’tknow how my wife has put up with me…I’m a typical Gemini, skipping from one thing to another all the time. Amongst my many jobs I have been an engineer, stock control manager, student at Glasgow Uni, bus driver (during my holidays), solicitor, book seller, wine merchant and taxi driver…and the list goes on, so you can see the Gemini in me, can’t you. My wife and I have four children, two of each, Stephen, Paul, Emma and Rachel. As for hobbies; well, I play the bagpipes but that is more a vocation than a hobby and I’ve been playing for 55 years. I play at weddings so bookings taken if you know anyone looking for a piper. I also enjoy painting (pictures, no’ hooses) and music and, of course, reading – fiction and non-fiction with the latter mainly concerning recent history, World Wars 1 and 2.

Leila Khan

Leila Khan is certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, transformational life coach and self-published author. She works with clients who want to eliminate fears, worries and negative thinking patterns, through coaching and hypnosis, so that they feel happy, motivated and inspired to achieve their dreams and goals. She also offers motivational talks, workshops and speaking engagements on topics such as NLP, self-esteem and confidence, overcoming hardships and living a brave and courageous life. She started to put this collection of quotes together when she was 13 years old and hopes to pass on the uplifting quotes to others who are seeking some guidance and inspiration. Pick it up, read a quote and feel inspired!

Michelle Miller Allen

We are so glad that Michelle MillerAllen joined us at our Indie Authors meeting in Glasgow in 2013.  Michelle shared her enthusiasm and passion for writing with us and in return we encouraged and supported her journey to self-publish her books in Scotland. Sadly her untimely passing meant that she didn’t see her book published. It is with a heavy heart but great pride that we took up the reins to ensure this book would cross the finishing line and be available to the world. We hope that you are pleased with our work Michelle and that those reading it connect with your wonderful spirit through your words.

Kim and Sinclair Macleod, Indie Authors World. 

We Miller children, early on, tried to avoid the nine-to-five. Michelle wrote, Laurence became a musician, and I painted and drew. Through the years we encouraged each other, and contributed to one another’s work. I recall many a long talk over “matters of the art” with our big sister. Her energy as a creative spirit, and as a contributor to her community, will not cease to be an influence on my habits with her passing, please, Lord.

Lyle Miller (Michelle’s brother)

Paul Lee

My first novel, “Defending Joe,” went on sale in July 2012, entered the Amazon Crime Best Sellers List two months later, has now sold over 20,000 copies, and continues to sell at about 50 copies a month, with no further marketing, other than word of mouth.

I have now obtained a publishing contract for paperback sales, whilst retaining e book control. I can categorically state that I would not have achieved any of this without the help of Indie Authors Scotland.

Sheila Griffiths

Sheila Griffiths was born and brought up in Scotland, the youngest of five children and the only girl. She is now a mother of three and has two grand daughters. For many years she has been interested in the mind and gained an honours degree in psychology. She has developed a lot of life experience through her work as a nursery nurse, in Social Work and elderly care and her voluntary roles in victim support and coaching gymnastics.

Sheila has connected with many people over the years who were going through difficult periods in their lives and witnessed how the mind plays a big part in how people responded. This encouraged her to develop her research further in meditation and the benefits it can bring. Sheila has found it is the simple things that help people the most and shares her findings with others in this her first book.

Tom Lucas

Tom is the Easterhouse boy who became an Oxford University graduate. He is a renowned sports psychologist whose client include former England football team captain, Terry Butcher.

His first book ‘Just Help Yourself’ uses the same techniques that he uses with sportsmen to help you deal with the challenges of everyday life.

His second book ‘Andrew Lucas’ is the amazing life story of Tom’s father, who sailed as part of the North Atlantic Convoy during the war.

Stuart Reid

Stuart Reid is one of the busiest authors in Britain today, having performed at almost 700 schools, libraries and book festivals in the last three years. He has appeared at festivals alongside Michael Morpurgo and the Book Trust’s Writer-in-Residence Philip Ardagh, as well as performing at over 60 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Stuart has worked with BBC Learning and was featured on ITV’s Get Britain Reading, as well on radio and countless newspapers and magazines.

In 2014 Ireland’s Children’s Laureate, Eoin Colfer provided Stuart with a tribute for the relaunch of his debut novel Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator, which was chosen as Silver Seal winner at the Forward National Literature Awards in America and the ‘Top Pick’ in the Daily Record’s Book Club. Stuart was recently presented with the Enterprise in Education Champion Award by Falkirk Council.

Stuart gave up his ‘real job’ as hotel manager in Dubai to write about bums, bogies and big bottom burps and there are now four books in the Gorgeous George series. Stuart has been married for over twenty years, he has two children, a superman outfit and a spiky haircut.

Mortician Autumn Crone

Indie Author and founder of PACE Books, Morticia Autumn Crone is an American born ex pat living in Scotland. She moved to Germany in her early twenties and later emigrated with all of her children to the UK. Born in Oregon in 1970, she grew up in sunny southern California and traveled in the USA, Europe and Mexico. Trained in areas as diverse as Montessori Education, Health Coaching through IIN, Kinesiology, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, EFT and Jin Shin Jyutsu, she has been an at home mother for over twenty years. It was her mother’s keen awareness for healthy eating and living and an experience with a Californian faith healer when she was only ten that launched her interest in out-of-the-box health and healing. It was her love of stories that got her writing.

Cassie Farren

Cassie, who lives in Northamptonshire, England, has been described as “the girl next door who wants the best of both worlds”. Her priority has always been the happiness and security of her family, and she cherishes the moments and the memories they make in the quality time they spend together. Cassie loves being around the special people in her life, relaxing in the countryside, and exploring new places.

Cassie wants to inspire other women to live their life fearlessly, and to never give up. She is not your typical businesswoman with years of experience and numerous degrees under her belt, but believes what she has gained through real life experience is invaluable and can benefit others.  Having turned her own life around, Cassie now takes great pride in helping other women to live the life they know they deserve.

Alisoun Mackenzie

Often described as one of the most authentic, inspiring, and heart-centered souls you can meet, Alisoun runs a thriving training and personal development business and has helped thousands of people to enjoy more happiness and success.

Alisoun is a popular speaker, trainer, coach, business mentor, EFT & NLP practitioner, and hypnotherapist. Alisoun also runs The Heart-Centered Network, regularly does humanitarian work with genocide survivors in Rwanda, and is an avid fundraiser.

Prior to this, Alisoun had a successful 20-year career in the investment industry and is full of gratitude every day for being able to enjoy a more authentic and joyful life – living near a beach just outside Edinburgh, Scotland.

Margaret Cook

Margaret Cook was born in South Africa, brought up in Somerset, and studied medicine at Edinburgh University where she met and later married fellow student, Robin Cook. While bringing up their two sons, she continued to work full-time in NHS hospitals, taking a consultant haematology post at St John’s Hospital Livingston.

When Robin was UK Foreign Secretary, the couple famously split as a result of the press “outing” his affair with his secretary. Margaret wrote her memoir, “A Slight and Delicate Creature”, and followed this with a study of the effect of power on personality, “Lords of Creation”.  She also combined a number of years of freelance journalism with her day job.

“A Bit on the Side” is her first novel, and her first self-published work. She lives in active retirement in Edinburgh, with her second husband Robin Howie.

June Moore

June Moore has had many ‘job titles’, however, her passion now is helping others realise their ‘soul full’ potential .  A Reiki Master, she has taught energy work, meditation, intuitive development, and unique workshops, and now, having worked on her own soul journey, she wishes to dedicate her path ahead to help others empower their unique soul map.

Her new work, Science of the Heart, is a journey through 7 Empowerments or energy alignments, a journey of spiritual alchemy for the ordinary soul. If you would like to know more about her new work, or understand more about your own soul journey , then check out her new web site.

Seth Gardner

Seth Gardner lives with his wife and dog in Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland. He is a long established filmmaker, trainer, educationalist, photographer, musician, mindfulness teacher and lay Buddhist practitioner.