As a writer do you think of other writers as your competitors? Or is your literary world one of collaboration and friendship?

People who love books will read lots of different authors. Don’t you love it when you find a new author that you like? I reckon this makes it easier for writers to help each other out when it comes to promoting books. Publishing companies will get the writers under their umbrella to recommend and review each other’s books. So what can Indie Authors do to help each other out?

Social media makes it easier to find people, so searching for savvy Indie Authors isn’t too difficult. Look out for blogs – for example. Search for writers on Facebook or Twitter and introduce yourself. Start conversations, get to know each other – this is not a race to the finish line, it is about building real connections with other authors.

Once you have established a relationship then you can explore how you can help each other to promote your books. This can be as simple as retweeting posts and sharing Facebook status updates or more interactive maybe interviewing each other, writing guest blogs and reviewing each other’s books.

Each one of us has our own network of friends, family and hopefully fans of our writing. Connecting with other people potentially opens up their network to you. This is how information “goes viral” so imagine that a great review of your book, a blog post and an interview gets shared with your connected authors who in turn share it with their network. If people in the network then share it the reach becomes much greater.

Our vision for Indie Authors Scotland is to help facilitate this process, to provide an opportunity for like minded Indie writers to make connections and help each other out. We believe in community – we have been building our physical community in Scotland for some time through our meetup group and now we are working on building that community online to benefit more people. We will be unveiling more of our ideas soon but we’d love to know what you think – so connect with our Facebook Page and join in the conversation.

- Alasdair Currie

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  • Lyssa Reply

    April 4, 2015 at 10:59 am.

    It’s hard work for me to notice good thgins! lol. But here’s another one to add: Indie writers have to potential to keep 100% of the profits of their books! w00t! (If they sell direct through their website, up to 70% via Amazon and others, while traditionally pubbed folks get about 15%! Psyche!)

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