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Don’t Take My Advice, Maggie Wood

Don’t Take My Advice, <br/> Maggie Wood


We all love the idea of improving our lives, but who has the time or the energy? 

What if you already had all the answers you seek?

Don’t Take My Advice takes the strain and shows the easy road. 

Coach and comedian Maggie Wood delves into her own life challenges, from discovering the truth about her life from a police officer with an arrest warrant to the ups and downs of producing a Fringe show. Through raising a child and caring for her dad, to meeting the love of her life and celebrating a happy marriage, she pits against the challenges  we all face, and shows you how to come up trumps in the same situations – in your own way. 

The idea of change feels difficult, but it is deceptively easy – when we change the way we think about our world, our world changes.

If you’re ready for change, this book will help you press start.

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