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Synergy of the Seasons, Jen Hawkins

Synergy of the Seasons, <br/> Jen Hawkins


When was the last time you truly felt the joy of being alive? Felt connected to the earth and her rhythms, or to yourself and your rhythms?

By tuning into the seasons, we can foster and maintain a joyful, healthy balance, reducing the amount of disease, disharmony, and distress in our lives. Our ancestors used to live their lives according to the seasons, but nowadays we ignore that, following the same routine day in day out, even though the patterns of the seasons still underpin our daily lives. 

Synergy of the Seasons offers you simple solutions and steps to discovering joy through wellbeing. It’s a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual, with information on the different seasons and common ailments, simple recipes, and advice on the best essential oils to care for your wellbeing simply, effectively, and naturally. 

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