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What The Frack? Dennis McKay

What The Frack? <br/> Dennis McKay


The village of Foxhole Down awakes to find its cricket pitch being dug up. Then an oil rig arrives. This perfect piece of England is to be fracked. But who is behind it?

Anouska de Gaulle, femme fatale and artist, leads the fightback, a woman made rich by an artwork called Confronting Disappointment. Confronting their own, the villagers are transformed. Dark and deadly secrets are revealed. The enemy is slept with. The vicar turns to whisky. He has lost his faith – in capitalism. The drillcrew are thieves and cut-throats. Dubious women follow in their wake.

It’s a toxic and explosive mix. With real toxins. And real explosions.

A young couple plunge into this madness. They are on the run from Russian gangsters. Antonia soon becomes the focus of Anouska’s attentions. Jamie becomes the focus of a Hit Man’s.

In a fight to the death, Foxhole Down is transformed in a way that no one would have dared to imagine. And in a breathtaking final twist, greed, money, politics, religion, love, and art collide to reveal the true genesis of this environmental nightmare.

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