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Bookcamp is your complete guide to self-publishing with six modules packed full of information in the form of workbooks, training calls, q&a and tutorial videos.

Module 1 – Mindset for Success

The difference between an upublished writer and a successful published Indie author is mindset. The latter has developed the mindset that they will achieve what they want and don’t stop until they get it. So how can you develop the success mindset of the Indie Author?

Module 2 – Cover design

A book is judged by its cover and it is important that you understand the key factors in producing a professional cover. You will be shown what makes a great image, the importance of font choice and colours in beginning to tell the story of your book as well as practical video tutorials in using Photoshop Elements to create your own cover.

Module 3 – eBook Publishing

Create an ebook from your basic manuscript. Learn about formatting, creating a table of contents, thinking about your cover, pricing strategy for ebooks and a whole lot more.

Module 4 – Print On Demand

Print on demand has revolutionised publishing. In this module you will learn about typesetting the interior of your book, what information is required on the back of the book, how print on demand works, and the mechanics of selling paperbacks.

Module 5 – Ready To Launch

How are you going to launch your book? This module explores ideas to celebrate your achievement and to get people talking about your book.

Module 6 – Marketing and Selling

Having your book on sale is the first step to success. Marketing your book to your audience of readers is the way to build sales. Here we explore different ways to market and sell your book.